smart textiles - product development around textile current circuits


As manufacturer of heated underwear we did not only gain reputation amongst developers of smart textiles. Our worldwide unique and patented warmX-technology can be employed in a wide range of applications.
No matter what kind of elastic textile heating systems, textile sensors for pressure or bodily function, textile electrodes for muscular stimulation or textile data cables - we are your partner for product development around textile current circuits up to the production of your products in our own production plant in Germany.

But we do not stop at the textile boundaries. Together with skilled regional partners we offer hard- and software development especially adjusted to textile needs.

In the field of research & development we work on exciting pan-European research projects together with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, several universities and textile R&D institutions.

You are a business enterprise or a R&D institution and you are looking for a SME as service partner for your textile based R&D tasks? Please do not hesitate to contact us!